Senior Pastor

Trueman Hurley

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(352) 360-7120 ext. 701

Trueman Hurley is a third generation Pentecostal minister.  Married to Peggy Simpson Hurley for forty-eight years, with three children (although he claims five, which includes his daughters-inlaw) and five grandchildren.

He answered the call to preach at the age of sixteen. He was ordained at age eighteen and attended Southwestern Bible College in Oklahoma City.

He has been in much demand as an evangelist, traveling extensively across America conducting revival meetings. He has also preached large crusades in foreign countries. He has preached youth camps, camp meetings, conventions, conferences, men's conferences and seminars for many years.

He has held three pastorates. His first was in Okalahoma City, at the Oneness Pentecostal Church. His second pastorate was with the Faith United Pentecostal Church in Dallas, Texas. He currently serves Faith World as senior pastor.

He mentors other ministers who now serve Pentecostal Churches.

First Lady

Peggy Hurley

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(352) 360-7120 ext. 700

Peggy Simpson was the third child born to Virgil and Thelma Simpson in Henrietta, Oklahoma.  They moved to Oklahoma City a few years later and this is where Peggy received her education.

She received her new birth experience in 1965 at the Oneness Pentecostal Church in Oklahoma City.  It was there she met Trueman Hurley and they began dating several months later.  They were married on February 18, 1967.

She has been very active in the growth and development of our church.  She is an avid student of the scriptures.  She is a leader in prayer and worship.  She is a gracious hostess to our guests and an example of hospitality.

It is often said around our church, "If you want something, you get Sis. Hurley to pray for it."

Administrative Pastor

Chris George

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(352) 360-7120 ext. 704

Reverend Chris George earned a B.S. Degree of General Studies from Wilmington University graduating magna cum laude.  He also studied at Philadelphia College of the Bible and the Masters Program at the University of Delaware.

He married his childhood sweetheart, Shirley in 1976 and have two children, Jonathan and Jessica and one grandson, Austin.

Chris has been involved in church ministry for the past 40 years. He began teaching and preaching while still serving in the military soon after his conversion. Being honorably discharged in 1975, he became a licensed minister in the New Jersey/ Delaware District with the United Pentecostal Church. 

Chris worked in various capacities in the Wilmington, Delaware church. Sunday School Teacher, Youth Leader, Outreach Director, Men's Leader, and Assistant Pastor are just a few of the offices held while attending the needs of the Wilmington congregation. 

Chris and Shirley joined the Faith World Church in 2009 and remains involved serving on the Pastoral Staff and as Men's leader. 

Assistant Pastor

Jamie Wooten

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(352) 360-7120 ext. 702

Jamie experienced his New Birth in 1986 in Naples, Florida.  
He grew up under the ministry of Rev. Sims at Faith Apostolic 
Church in Naples. 

At the age of 6 years, God healed his ears, which were 75% deaf.  
It was at that time that he developed a passion for music.  He's been 
actively involved in preaching and music ministry since he was 
17yrs. old. He has served as the music minister for 8 years in Naples, 
and then for 3 years at The Crossroads Church in Dade City.  He currently serves as Music Minister 
and Assistant Pastor at Faith World.
Jamie studied at Indiana Bible College for a short time and is currently working on his degree at 
Liberty University.

Eustis Campus Pastor

Matthew Turner

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(352) 360-7120 ext 708


Matthew Turner was born to his parents, Terry and Sherry Turner, in Orlando FL. on December the 23rd 1981. Upon graduating from South Lake High School in Groveland Florida in 2000, he enlisted in the U.S. Army at age 18. He served 4 years of active duty. He was stationed in South Korea on Sept. 11 2001 when our nation was attacked by terrorists. Thankfully, he was never given orders to report to fight in combat in the conflict that resulted from 9/11/01. His praying mother takes credit for this.

Matthew moved back to his home town of Bushnell, Florida upon receiving an honorable discharge from the armed forces where he worked a short time in the Florida Department of Corrections as a correctional officer, following in his father’s foot steps. He soon found that career path was not one that was meant for him, and pursued other careers over the next several years.

In September of 2015, Matthew began to visit Faith World Leesburg, and in November of 2015 he was baptized in Jesus’ name by Pastor Trueman Hurley and began his new life as a born again Christian.

Over the course of the next year, Matthew met and began dating his now wife, Tamatha Hurley, and they were married on August 6, 2016. By the beginning of 2016, Matthew also felt a call to the ministry. He shared his feeling with his Pastor, Trueman Hurley, and began to help in many different ministries in the church.

Matthew preached his first sermon in December of 2016 at Faith World, and now serves on the ministry team. Matthew took some preliminary ministry courses through the United Pentecostal Church International and received a church license to preach. He is now working and studying to go on to obtain his ministry license with the UPCI.

Matthew, his wife Tamatha and their two daughters, Destiny and Raya enjoys attending and serving at Faith World Leesburg, and also serve as the campus pastor at our Eustis Campus.

Student Ministries Leader

Chloe Glover

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(352) 360-7120  ext. 710

Chloe Glover gave her heart to Jesus Christ at an early age and has served Him faithfully without hesitation ever since.  She is a godly example of a Christian Apostolic young person.

At a very young age she engaged in Bible Quizzing and won awards on local, distric and national levels.  Her grasp of the scriptures is and the Apostolic message is outstanding.

She leads by example and our youth group follow her without question.  She is loved by young and old alike.

Pastoral Staff/Children's Ministry

Latherio Johnson

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(352-360-7120  ext. 722

Pastoral Staff/Hyphen Ministry

David Jones

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(352) 360-7120  Ext. 719

David Jones was raised in a Pentecostal Apostolic church since he was 4 years old. He received the holy ghost and was baptized in Jesus name at age 12.
He has been actively working in ministry, music and youth groups since age 14.  Bro Jones worked under the ministry of Bishop Herman Smith for several years before moving to Leesburg.
He is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in education.


Pastoral Staff

Roger Moore

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Pastor's Personal Assistant

Peggy Kennedy

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(352) 360-7120 ext. 706


Peggy Kennedy is a faithful servant of God who has served the kingdom of God in many capacities over the years.

She now serves as pastor Hurley's personal assistant.  If you need help with appointments or communication with pastor, please contact Sis. Peggy.

Administrative Secretary

Tamatha Hurley

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(352) 360-7120 ext. 707

Sunday School

Tracy Caron

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(352) 360-7120 ext. 711

Tracy is committed to children's minisry.  She leads our Sunday School department, which ministers to every age.

W.I.N.G.S. Director

Sherry Turner

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(352) 360-7120 ext. 721

Sherry brings a passion for the spiritual development of ladies.  Her events and projects are exciting, fun and spiritual.  Don't miss anything she schedules.

Chairman, Board of Deacons

Ole Olsen

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(352) 360-7120 ext. 717

Our deacons serve our church and support our pastoral staff in so many ways.  They meet monthly to stragegize and search for opportunities to serve the family of God.

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